Image by Artem Beliaikin

Smart Retail

In Smart Retail, we use a smart technology that is designed to improve the retailer sales, give the customer a greater, faster, safer and smarter shopping and enhance the shopping experience for both Customers and Retailers through understanding the customer behavior

Smart EGAT implement IOT system for smart retails that helps to build a better understanding of customers through seamless and responsive in-store experiences
That enhance the shopping experience for both Customers and Retailers

    Benefits for Retailer

  • Less inventory shrinkage due to an improved monitoring of stocks and shoplifting.

  • Efficient energy management that would reduce fixed costs and adapt power and lighting to store’s occupation at each moment.

  • Maintenance tailored to current equipment conditions instead of periodic revisions that may be either insufficient or unnecessary.

  • Improved employee productivity and tracking them.

  • Advertising his products by pushing notifications and promotions.

  • Store layout optimization as a result of consumers’ behavioral data analysis and identification of hotpots and hottest items.

    Benefits for Consumers

  • Automated checkout to ease payments that could be even totally hands-free, and to reduce queuing times to provide a better customer experience.

  • Real-time in store marketing through proximity-activated promotions that push notifications in smartphones or wearable devices.

  • Indoor navigation guidance.